This ACE Group white paper explores innovations in flood insurance protection brought to market since Superstorm Sandy made landfall in October, 2012.

One of the troubling legacies of Superstorm Sandy was the large number of businesses that had either exhausted or severely eroded the available limits of their insurance policies. Many companies/businesses, post-loss, were unable to restore the limits for the remainder of the policy’s duration, while others experienced difficulty purchasing adequate limits at policy renewal. A standalone insurance policy designed to reinstate limits after a loss can be an effective tool for risk managers confronting similar situations in the future.

The new white paper, “Innovations in Flood Insurance Protection,” discusses the introduction of flood reinstatement coverage, which provides excess of loss insurance above the remaining limits of protection in the underlying property insurance policy.

Read more about protecting against flood risks with ACE Group’s new white paper.  

Innovations in Flood Insurance Coverage Brought to Market Since Superstorm Sandy

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