5 Reasons All Companies Need NetProtect EssentialSM

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Modern businesses rely on electronic data, computers and networks to support critical operations and better serve customers. Think about it: Do you or your clients store data, including private information on computers; use e-mail; generate revenue online; or use their network to control production,manufacturing, inventory, or a supply chain? If yes, then you are at risk if you lack information risk coverage.

In this data protection information brief from CNA, you'll learn about the five reasons companies should have coverage for their cyber-, information- and computer-related risks, including:
  • Exposure to Network Security Breaches
  • Identity theft beyond website content
  • Recent changes in regulation
  • Need for worldwide coverage
  • Attractive pricing options.
About CNA NetProtect EssentialSM

Designed for small- to mid-size companies, CNA NetProtect EssentialSM provides critcial cyber liability coverage necessary for any business that uses computers to manage information.  It provides coverage for 3rd party claims related to privacy injury, identity theft or network damage.


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