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Emerging markets have been big business of U.S. companies in recent years, and that growth—briefly set back in some places by the financial crisis—is likely to continue. Risk managers whose companies are expanding into emerging markets face a number of challenges that require them to understand the culture, customs, regulatory environment and legal systems of the markets their firms are entering.

Among the considerations:

  • Many countries require local risks to be insured by local admitted insurers—a potential complication for multinationals with global property/casualty programs.
  • Property can’t always be protected using the same risk standards followed in the U.S.
  • Owners have to work around problems with older, existing buildings and shortcomings in water and electrical infrastructure & roads
  • Liability risks are becoming a greater concern as the middle class in many countries expands and as health and safety expectations grow with it.

In addition, directors and officers face personal challenges, where private securities lawsuits are rare but regulatory and criminal actions are not. Executives may find themselves personally liable—and even under arrest—for acts that would be attributed to the corporation and not be considered criminal in the U.S.

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Emerging Markets
How to manage the risks of global expansion: A Business Insurance white paper

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