To date only OCR and state attorneys general have exercised enforcement authority with respect to health care data breaches. However, the FTC has served notice in its recent January, 2014 order against LabMD that it has authority under the FTC Act to take enforcement action in connection with unreasonable data security practices that constitute “unfair acts or practices in or affecting commerce” in violation of Section 5 of the FTC Act.  

This white paper, from OneBeacon, outlines the eight critical steps of risk assessment protocols which will help your organization reduce exposure to fines, penalties and potentially heavy, long-term compliance burdens. 

Download this white paper now to learn more details and how to reduce your burden from potential exposure. 

The Evolving Health Care Data Breach Enforcement Minefield:

Long Term Care, Medical Facilities, and Other Health Care Entities Face Potential Enforcement Actions from Multiple Federal Agencies

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