The Most Common Legal Mistake Employees Make
Free downloadable eGuide courtesy of RocketLawyer 

RocketLaywer eGuide CoverThe law is complex and mistakes can be costly. That observation applies equally to your firm's employees—who may be making the most common (yet easily fixed) legal mistake people make: failing to have a last will and testament.

That's why Rocket Lawyer developed this informative eGuide. It explains why this is important to you and your firm's employees, and how to write a will and make it legal.

When you download this eGuide, you'll also have the chance to learn more about a new voluntary benefit that can provide all the tools to take care of essential legal matters—including a last will—for 100% of your employees at no cost to the organization.

Rocket Lawyer legal plans help you and your employees create an estate plan, as well as take care of common legal matters including traffic, debt/bankruptcy, divorce, litigation, aging, parenting, and much more.  

Download this informative eGuide courtesy of RocketLawyer