International Travel Risks

Protecting Employees from Accidents and Illness Traveling Outside the United States

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Travel Risks Data Poster Globalization means more U.S. employees are at risk of injury and illness while travelling to foreign countries on business 

2/3 of companies have U.S. based employees that travel to foreign locations on business. And the majority return home safe and soundfree from any illness or injury suffered away from home.

That doesn't mean that companies should take international travel risks lighthly—nearly 1 in 5 companies reported that they had an employee hospitalized while travelling abroad.

In order to better understand international travel risks and learn how companies are dealing with the challenges, Business Insurance recently surveyed those who actively manage or influence HR and employee benefits programs for their company.  

This survey, completed in October of 2012, sought to discover how many employees travel, where their destinations are, what insurance coverage is offered, and how things are going to change in 2013.

Download this complimentary data poster, sponsored by Zurich, and learn more about the state of international business travel risk.

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