Managing Cyber Risks - Identify, Prevent and Manage Critical Threats

Data Poster from Business Insurance | Download sponsored by Zurich.


It's a real challenge to manage cyber risks today.

Your job, not to mention your firm's future, depends on your ability to identify, prevent and manage critical threats to the security of private data.

And you're managing those risks across people, procedures and technology. 

What are the stakes? Well, failure to protect private information at your firm—information such as credit card data, social security numbers, health care records, user names or passwords—can result in significant financial and reputational harm. Your company's financial results, customer satisfaction, business opportunity and intellectual property are all potentially at risk.

The good news is that Business Insurance has assembled an information-packed data poster, available for your download courtesy of Zurich. You'll learn proactive steps you can take to address vulnerabilities, covering both preventive measures and response strategies.